In Muskegon County, the State Journal obtained documents showing several cases assigned to an employee who was off on medical leave on Oct. 31, 2016, a caseload "count day." Most of the cases were transferred to other employees when he returned to work the next day. The State Journal also obtained copies of emails between this employee and his supervisor, in which the employee complains of "a bunch of bogus cases" on his caseload. None of the emails from the supervisor reference "a mistake," as Bursch says here. The supervisor's first explanation was that cases were pending a transfer to another county. Then another supervisor told him the cases were on his load because he was due back in a day and the cases were near closure. On Nov. 7, after a week of back and forth in which the employee pointed out the cases remained open on other employees' loads, his supervisor said the cases would be transferred back to his caseload and all but four of them would quickly close.