Before each of its stories, the State Journal reached out to a DHHS spokesman and shared each of the specific allegations and the source of those allegations, including the names of sources who had agreed to be quoted on the record. The State Journal asked for responses to each allegation and offered DHHS the opportunity to provide any documentation that might refute the sources' claims. On each story, the department declined to talk specifics, citing personnel matters and privacy laws around child abuse cases. Instead, the department issued generalized denials and possible explanations. This testimony from John Bursch, an outside attorney hired by DHHS, is the first time specific explanations were provided. After the June 8 hearing, the State Journal asked for a copy of any notes Bursch may have used or for any report DHHS may have generated for Bursch. The department refused to provide any notes, citing attorney-client privilege, and has not provided any other documentation. The department did answer the State Journal's questions on this transcript.